Welcome to the online home of Organic Larder

Established in October 2000 and conveniently located in central Geelong at 167 Malop street, (opposite Officeworks), Organic Larder has brought to Geelong, and the surrounding district, the widest range of high quality, certified organic and bio-dynamic produce ever seen in the area.

Our products are sourced from distributors and certified growers around the country. A large focus is placed on supporting local producers and growers with considerable emphasis on quality and nutritional value. After all. when all is said and done, "we are what we eat"!

Customers are guaranteed quality produce and service with educational advice readily available from the friendly staff and can shop in an intimate and colourful environment.

On our website we will showcase a selection of the wide range of products we stock. You may find some that you didn't realise we had!

Organic produce is very seasonal, contact us for current availability.

We hope you enjoy our 'online home'. We welcome your feedback. If you have any enquiries or comments, please use the 'Contact Us' page. Or email us.

Billy Bond & Julie Denison







Organic & Bio-Dynamic Foods

When you buy organic or bio-dynamic produce you are not only nourishing yourself and your family but also enjoying the superior flavour of food grown naturally. Organic food tastes great!

As well as that, you are helping to create better awareness of dietary intake and the importance of nutritional food in our daily lives.

Encouragiing the development of a better environment by supporting sustainable farming is another benefit of buying certified, organic and bio-dynamic produce.

All these things are positive actions towards change for a better world.


Buying Genuine Organic Products

Look for the logos on the right when shopping for organic products. Never buy 'organic' product that doesn't have this certification guarantee.