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Schulz Organic Products are unique. We work hard to produce a product that is truly pure, simple and delicious. It is still processed right on farm, in small batches with great care and attention to detail and cleanliness. Made from whole milk of our Friesian and Jersey Cows we add nothing but natural ingredients. Schulz Organic Farms is on 832 acres of very fertile land. Since the 1970’s we have used biodynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals. With our herd of Friesian and Jersey cows we strive to create the ideal Organic/Biodynamic farm - a self sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. We use no chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides on our farm. We are located near a small township in the south west of Victoria named Timboon, approximately 20 minutes from the famed 12 apostles. Our area is in a band of very lush land that reaches from Warrnambool to the Otway’s, typically the princes highway divides us from the drier parts of the state and we are far enough from the sea to hear it on still nights but not get the salt mists. This unique area receives some of the highest reliable rain falls in the state. Over the years we have added thick bush dividers across the farm to assist rainfall, cattle comfort, soil management, and now cO2. With all these elements we are able to become more sustainable and a goal of ours is to one day become completely self sufficient.


Our Products:

Organic Full Cream Milk
 - 1 Litre
 - 2 Litre
This Milk is Natural and Pure, because it is Un-Homogenised you will find a rich golden layer of cream atop. We produce one of the only milks from a single herd farm, which gives us direct control over all aspects of farming to produce this beautiful milk. However because of our farming methods we choose not to standardize our milk, there for the cream content changes depending on the season(and cow lactation), and the flavor on the cows type of feed.

Organic Skinny Milk
 - 1 Litre
 - 2 Litre

This milk is the natural and pure full cream milk, with all the goodie little cream taken out. 99% Organic Milk, 1% Goodness (Cream)

Organic Cream
 - 200mL
- 1 Litre

Our Cream is a very thick, semi whipped cream. Produced in small batches, where the cream comes out very very rich. Often with a butter fat percentage of between 40 – 60 our cream has no added thickeners, just pure and simply thick cream. However due to the changing seasons our cream consistence does fluctuate.

Organic Yogurt
 - 1 Kg
 - 500g
 - 4Kg
-10Kg Thickened
Made from Certified Organic Milk, Schulz Organic Yogurt is unique. We add Pro-Biotic cultures, Acidophilus, bifidus and L. Casein without un-natural stabilisers of other ‘natural’ yogurts. Our yogurt comes with a thick layer of cream atop and with a mild kick. This Product is Tub Set!

Organic Yogurt Drinks
 - 300mL
A new product of ours this drink is manufactured out of the same fantastic Yogurt as we have been making for years. This pro-biotic drink is a great thirst quencher as well as providing sustenance for people on the go.

Organic Quark
 - 375g
 - 4Kg
Quark is a German style fresh cheese, similar to mascarpone and fromage frei in consistency however contains the cultures of a yogurt to give it a mild tartness. Used extensively throughout Northern Europe it is the most versatile dairy product that exists. We recommend that it is the perfect substitute in recipes for cottage cheese, mascarpone, cream freich or sour cream or try it out on some sour dough bread with smoked salmon, chives and rocket lettuce, or If you have a sweet tooth, add a thick layer of your favourite jam or honey on top of a generous layer of quark on toast.

Our Quark uses only certified organic milk, ABC cultures and microbial rennet. Consistency is generally smooth but can change depending on the season of milk.

Quark (with Herbs and Spices)
 - 200g
Better explained as Quark with a mixture of herbs and spices, Herbie is the perfect cheese dip. The mix of herbs includes; Dill Tips, Onion, Garlic, Bell Peppers and Crushed Chili Flakes.

Fetta in oil
 - 370g

Our Fetta is a nontraditional recipe (due to the use of cow’s milk and differing cultures). It is produced smooth and creamy (not light and crumbly) and mixed in a canola /olive oil blend with a sprinkle of our herb and spice mix. Spices includes; Dill Tips, Onion, Garlic, Bell Peppers and Crushed Chili Flakes.

Fetta in Brine
 - 370g
 - 2.4Kg

This Fetta is manufactured more traditionally in a 10% brine solution. Great for salads

Natural Whey
 - 2 Litre

This is the natural milk serum that comes of the curd. Taken from the production of our Quark Cheese, this milk serum contains ABC cultures, which are great for complimenting the ‘good’ bacteria already in your digestive system.

The benefits of whey are as such;

The whey protein found in cow's milk is often called the "gold standard" of proteins because it is the most nutritious and complete protein available. It has all the essential amino acids (that the body can't manufacture) to help nourish muscle and other body tissues, along with bioactive ingredients like immunoglobulins and lactoferrin that help support the immune system.
But that's far from all the benefits that whey can provide.

Whey benefits:






Real Milk....
...The health of the cow determined not only the quality, but the safety of the milk... We now know, thanks to modern food science and the wisdom of traditional farming practices, that the production of safe milk relies on optimum cattle nutrition and health. Healthy cows = healthy milk...

Organic Bath Milk
 - 2 Litre

MILK. But not just any milk; pure, unadulterated, and just as nature intended; straight from the cow. This product is a cosmetic milk that is a natural softener of the skin. that is straight from the Cow. Our Non Pasteurised, Non Homogenised and full cream Bath Milk can be used as a beauty treatment of the skin when mixing it with aromatic fragrances. This Product is not for human consumption.

Organic Body Cream
 - 200mL

Just like the Bath Milk, this product is Raw. A great concentration of the nutrients and enzymes that are great for your skin, Add some aromatic fragrances and essential oils and you have the perfect cream! This product is not for human consumption!


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