Fulhealth Magnesium Colloid Concentrate


Full health Industries Magnesium Colloid is a concentrated and pure magnesium that’s been suspended in distilled water, rendering the magnesium particles to a tiny size so that they are 100% safe and non-toxic. This magnesium colloid can be ingested orally or simply rubbed on the skin externally for direct absorption through the epidermal layers and into your bloodstream.

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Health Benefits Magnesium Colloid
Magnesium is absolutely essential for the human body and is far more than a simple muscle relaxant. It plays a crucial role in maintaining bone health, essential fatty acid formation, the clotting of blood, the activation of B group vitamins and it contributes to proper nerve activity. Unfortunately, magnesium is one of the primary minerals that are deficient in Australian soil and, as a consequence it is the number one mineral deficiency in Australians regardless of any wholesome or organic diet.
There have been many studies over the years that continue to support the vital role of magnesium in the human body, all scientifically demonstrating its many benefits, including:
Reducing blood pressure,
Improving vision for Glaucoma sufferers,
Improving sleep and even helping people who suffer Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Promotes the body’s ability to detox and prevent damage from environmental pollutants, heavy metals and other toxins.

Magnesium 29000 mg/L, Calcium 700 mg/L, Potassium 460 mg/L, Sodium 1090 mg/L, Sulphur 110 mg/L, Contains 4.5% Alcohol.

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